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The Ruiz Group Consulting is characterized by simplicity, practicality, and effectiveness borne of a disciplined adherence to a pragmatic, research-based, and focused approach to helping leaders create sustainable business growth and development while achieving financial goals.



Leadership Strategy

This program introduces participants to a powerful framework that helps leaders at every level drive innovation, maximize team performance, and succeed in today’s complex world of fast-paced, dramatic change.

Leadership Development

We offer a partnership to help you diagnose, design and deliver a robust program for developing your high potential and high performing talents.

Based on your own organizational competency models, we design an infrastructure (models, tools, curricula) that helps address their competency needs and promotes self-propelled development among these future leaders.

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Executive Coaching

This is a program designed to complement internal efforts at building the confidence and competence of the company’s high potential leaders. Through a series of one-on-one sessions, the executive is able to identify leadership behaviors they need to work on consciously.

They map out specific action steps that are tracked and discussed, until they are able to build ability to demonstrate these behaviors regularly in the workplace. The executive is also given all necessary support (frameworks, tools, skill exercises, references, etc.) so that they can harness their innate strengths, and master the leadership areas they need to hone.

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Business Model Canvass

The Business Model Canvas is a methodology on the rise. It helps companies visualize and position their business models for growth and innovation.

By digging into particular elements of your company, you can recognize and act on areas that can be improved. It also reveals clear paths on which to build your organizational strategy.

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Strategic Business Planning

Most long-term planning workshops are tedious, tiring and very cerebral in approach.

Our strategic planning workshop is different in that it is an opportunity not only to set clear direction but to engage everyone's hearts and minds to ensure the plan's success. Through engaging interactive sessions, a management team can together map out a clear and compelling direction for the organization, and agree on powerful strategies to pursue shared goals.

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Organizational Purpose

If you think your team exists to create products, to deliver services or to make money, you are missing the opportunity to tap into the power of a clear purpose.

When organizations succeed it is because its people know what they do and why they do it. This program seeks to quantify what purpose is and how leaders can use it to achieve sustainable results, develop the next generation of leaders, and thereby lay the foundation for continued success.

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Vision, Mission & Values

The core elements of mission, vision and values are key to your ability to communicate clearly and consistently with stakeholders, your existing and potential clients, and your team.

This program is designed to help ensure the main strategic ‘building blocks’ of organizations are fit for purpose.  It’s all about the big picture. Visualizing and articulating what it is that your organization exists to achieve (mission) and what defines its character and ethos (values). But it is not just about describing the here and now. It also represents your opportunity to look to the future, to define your aspirations and to describe the type of organization you wish to become (vision).

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Organization Development

Organizational Strategy & Design

Effective Organizational Strategy assures that a company develops an organization capable of delivering its strategy.

This program takes a holistic and integrative view of organizational needs over time horizons and maps out initiatives to transform the organization to a desired state. Designed and implemented effectively, organizational strategy enables organizations to convert strategic intent into sustainable and high performance results.

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Culture Building

Recent organizational research has shown that the most successful companies have a potent yet clear organizational culture.

They are known not just by their products and services, but as a unique organization offering a specific experience to its people and customers. They have a clear Brand and anyone you ask can describe this culture in clear and simple terms. The Employer Brand unifies all the company's endeavors and is a quick way of integrating and streamlining structures, processes, and practices. This two-day program is designed to help senior leaders of a company shape their Employer Brand and define an actionable road map to create this brand in the next five years. This workshop enables change leaders and managers to take a second look at current culture building efforts and take it forward with more focus and effectiveness.

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Customer Service Culture

Knowing how to give excellent customer service is one of the keys to growing and sustaining a business.

Our customers service programs are designed to help your organization establish a service strategy and behavioral standards to deliver a robust customer service culture.

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Organization Restructuring and Change Management

We help you design an appropriate organization structure that will enable either the total business or a business unit strategy.

It incorporates a plan on how to implement organization changes. This includes how to communicate the strategy and transition to the organization, prepare a checklist of any regulatory requirements for the change, plan change activities, and prepare executives and managers for change management activities. May cover changes brought about by acquisitions, mergers, spin-offs,  outsourcing, organization delayering, reorganization, or efficiency/productivity/cost management initiatives.

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Teams & Team Building

We are in the business of building GREAT TEAMS.

We seek to understand where the team is at and what it truly needs, and use a powerful model for teamwork. We partner with team leaders to sustain the gains of the team building back to the workplace by providing mindsets, skills and tools they can use to create an observable difference in team members' behaviors.

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Performance Coaching

One of the most critical aspects of the job of a supervisor or manager is to enhance the performance level and quality of their teams.

The program builds leaders' ability to help their teams understand the (1) performance philosophy of the organization (2) over all goals and objectives to which daily output is aligned (3) identifying clear and measurable performance metrics (4) setting up tracking mechanisms to assess performance regularly (5) designing a link between ongoing performance and competence development/career advancement and (6) practicing daily  coaching behaviors that have the highest impact on performance improvement.

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Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ)

Words create worlds, but a Standford University study has proven that 9 out of 10 conversations miss the mark.

Without the ability to access the right tools, we all fall into set patterns that stop growth and limit solutions; such as exerting power rather than exercising leadership, talking past each other or being addicted to being right. These patterns activate the lower parts of our brains that trigger fear and judgment, and ultimately result in bad leadership and lower profits.

Inefficient conversations are extremely costly, highly frustrating and a waste of time. But also very common, therefore this program/training opens up an opportunity to massive transformation.

Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) is a groundbreaking, neuroscientific framework that profoundly shifts the way we interact and connect -- whether you’re working with individuals, teams or entire organizations.

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Human Resources

Human Strategy Development

Determine the HR Strategy that will best serve the Business Strategy. Identify components of the strategy, appropriate

HR organization structure to efficiently implement strategy, staffing level and competencies of HR units, HR services and transactions to be done in-house and outsourced.

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HR Systems Development

Install or re-design any major HR systems such as Talent Acquisition, Job Structure and Competency descriptions, Performance Management and Rewards,

HR Policies, Learning and Development System, Employee Relations and Engagement, Career/Talent Management/Succession.  Design will take into account building organization capability for implementing Business Strategies and Plans, Management and HR capabilities and resources, and ensure systems are simple, cost effective, and efficient.

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Performance Management System Design

Review or install corporate or Business/Functional Unit performance management and rewards process

in relation to effectiveness of supporting business directions, and fostering the desired business results and culture. Involves a detailed determination of appropriate performance goals, measures, feedback systems, and managerial skills for effective implementation.

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Learning Systems Planning and Development

Review critical and priority needs for people development at various levels in the organization and determine appropriate

training curriculum and development activities per level or per role. Covers on-boarding, functional, technical, and leadership training goals and curriculum.

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Talent Management Process Design

Design a simple and practical system for sourcing, identifying, and developing leaders at various levels (frontline or team

leaders, technical leaders, business unit and functional leaders, or potential General Managers. Set up the system for their development and preparation referenced to critical core business competencies, using individual development plans and structured talent reviews.

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HR Policy Development

Review existing HR policies and streamline into a user-friendly manual that improves HR efficiency and fosters workplace discipline as well as engagement.

HR Process Improvement

Review all or any HR process and recommend approaches for greater process and cost efficiency, and effectiveness for internal clients.

HR Mentoring and Coaching

Design specialized program for HR head and staff to build professional business partnering HR skills and know-how.

Undertake profiling of incumbents and determine learning and development needs in reference to business priorities for HR. Using a variety of learning methodologies (team or one-on-one learning sessions, individual mentoring, one-on-one coaching, actual organization case study analysis and application, reading assignments and self-study, and by undertaking a special project) the objective is to broaden HR skills and gain mastery of technical HR know-how. May be referenced to helping incumbent HR professionals reach their full potential in their current role, or as preparation for assuming a future role with higher accountability.

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Employee Relations Planning

Review existing employee relations situation and recommend strategy for improvement through helpful employee engagement activities.

Includes review of current policies and practices  that impact employee discipline and/or union relations and develop plan for achieving a productive  work environment.

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Proprietary Online Tools

1. The Coaching Proficiency Assessment Tool™ (CPAT)

This is a 20-item survey that helps people leaders to assess their coaching behaviors.

It allows you to assess yourself and gain feedback from your team members in four behavioral areas: General Coaching Behaviors, Active Listening & Empathy, Behavioral Feedback-giving and Constant Engagement.  Simple, cost-effective, and specific, your Coaching Proficiency Report lets you know how your team perceives your behaviors and how exactly you can coach them better.

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2. The "Great Team" Profiling Tool™ (GTP)

The GTP is an online team diagnostic instrument based on a team development framework – The Great Team Model – a blueprint for benchmarking team practices against the best teams of the world.

The GTPQ is a 25-item questionnaire that profiles a team’s current practices, and helps identify team strengths and areas for development. It looks into six factors of great teams suggested by the Great Team Model: Distinctive LEADERSHIP, Differentiated COMPETENCIES, Passion for PURPOSE, Productive RELATIONSHIPS and Ingrained VALUES and NORMS.

The main outcome of the assessment is a Great Team Profile Report, which provides insights and recommendations for sustained team development.

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3. Organizational Climate Survey™ (OCS).

The OCS is a customized 125-item survey tool that will generate employee’s insights on target organizational dimensions.

The survey can be administered through pen and paper as well as online.

The tool yields a comprehensive profile targeted at the following dimensions: Strategic Management, Operations Management and People & Culture Management. An incisive analysis of results shall be conducted and a blue print for organization development shall be presented to address survey findings.

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